• Welcome to Anomaly

    by Published on 01-27-2015 05:55 AM

    Welcome back to fun times everyone!

    The website is being rebuilt from the ground up. Which sadly means we will lose all posts. (in a way) will get back on this later in the post. (Don't worry, vBulletin is being set up with groups correctly from the start. Which will 100% make moderation and request a whole lot easier.) I do need help, and if you are willing to sit with me in mumble for a bit please let me know or post on the site discussion thread (which will be posted later on this post)

    Everyone will need to register again, you can use your same email and username. After that, go request access again, a whole lot of people (new and old) are signing up again (and some bots). So it's hard to keep a watch on all the real new requests.

    Also after member access is granted some things you should check out is the site discussion thread. There are two big things here, one is a tracker to see what is currently being worked on, and a place for everyone to put in request. If there is a large enough want for a request, it seems logical, and it is do-able, I will try my best to implement it. Also I can manually set your starting post count, but I will only do this for users that post requesting it. It's easy, but I don't want to do 800 users when 700 of them have not logged in over a year. Go check out site discussion here :

    More to come...

    v/r den